Lieberman for Senate

Matt Lieberman signs Contract with Georgia

A year ago, I announced I was entering the race for US Senate AS a fed-up citizen of Georgia and FOR the fed-up citizens of Georgia. Like many Georgians, I am disappointed with a government that promises but does not deliver, a government that has failed to bring the country together during these difficult times.

To assure Georgians that I am not going to think about my constituents only when election time comes around, as most politicians do, I am announcing my “Contract with Georgia” that lays out the principles that will guide my work as your Senator. My contract with the citizens of Georgia also lays out the issues I will focus most intensely on during my first term in office. Once I am elected, I call on you to hold me accountable on each and every item listed in this guiding document:

Contract with Georgia

  1. I will work 100% for the people of Georgia, not the Party bosses in Washington and Atlanta.
  2. I believe in my fellow Georgians. If you trust me with your vote, I will trust you with the truth. No lies.
  3. I will have the courage to compromise. The extremists don’t like it, but unless we have the guts to meet on common ground, nothing will get done to help the people we serve.
  4. I will devote more of my office’s resources to constituent service than anyone in Georgia history.
  5. I will work immediately and intensely to help pass a public option for our health care to reduce cost and increase quality.
  6. I will work immediately and intensely to help pass whichever gun reform legislation has the best chance of passing. We can’t afford to wait any longer.
  7. I will support police reform AND greater funding to the police to quickly and effectively implement these needed reforms.
  8. I will support wide open public school choice and federal programs to fund scholarships allowing more students to chose private schools as well; and ALSO triple Title I spending for our neediest public schools.
  9. I will support term limits so that senators, for at least half their time in office, will be free from warping pressure of political extremists in each party, and actually be able t serve the rest of us.
  10. There’s an opportunity gap in America today. If you are white and upper middle class or higher, it’s hard to fail. For just about everyone else, it’s hard to really make it anymore. I will support policies that make the American dream more real for the majority of Americans who correctly feel the odds are now against them.