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About Matt

Matt is running for Isakson’s U.S. Senate seat in the Georgia special election in 2020.

Matt Lieberman is running for the U.S. Senate to change a broken Washington and get things done for the people of Georgia.  Like many Georgians, Matt is fed-up with the arrogance and cowardice of the politicians in Washington and the hatred, division, and stalemate that has resulted from our corrupted politics.  

Matt graduated from Yale and got his J.D. from Yale Law School.  After two years of practicing law, Matt decided there were more rewarding ways to make a difference.  So instead of cashing in, Matt became a school teacher.  

Always compassionate and inspired to help others, while in law school Matt developed an innovative program to help fight hunger and homelessness.  And after graduating, Matt helped launch a local “I Have a Dream” program to provide college scholarships to low-income kids and also helped prepare those kids to take advantage of the scholarship’s promise. 

Over a decade ago, Matt started a Georgia business to provide health care to families, small businesses, and union members.  In the Senate, Matt is determined to lower the cost of insurance premiums and prescription drugs.

Protecting our elections and ensuring every vote counts is personal to Matt.  He’s the son of former Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Lieberman, who as Al Gore’s running mate had an election stolen from them by a partisan Supreme Court.  And Matt witnessed in frustration another questionable election result just last year in Georgia with Stacey Abrams’ campaign for governor. Matt believes we need a new Voting Rights Act for the 21st Century.

A single dad, Matt’s two daughters, Tess and Willie, have been the daily stars of his life. Together they have been longtime boosters of Planned Parenthood.  Matt will continue to fight the new Georgia law that takes away a woman’s right to choose.  And Matt will work hard to protect Roe v. Wade in an era in which Donald Trump’s judicial nominees threaten it.

As a former teacher and head of a Georgia school, Matt shares America’s frustration with Washington’s failure to do anything to protect kids from guns.  He supports a ban on the sale of weapons of war, like the AR-15. And he thinks Congress is long overdue to pass a real, meaningful, universal background check law to keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.

Matt is a resident of Cobb County, Georgia.  A college athlete as a rower, he lives along the Chattahoochee River which he can occasionally be found paddling in his kayak.